Raw almonds wholesale?

As always, the Argires Snacks team will prepare your order with great-tasting almonds that are tremendously good to eat. Packed with protein and fiber, as well as a wealth of beneficial nutrients, almonds provide a satisfying texture and a healthy profile to any snack mix, recipe or application. By choosing a bag of raw almonds as a snack, you'll make a smart dietary decision that will generate multiple health-related benefits. California almonds are one of the most popular nuts available in the world, and California produces more than 2 billion pounds of them a year.

Almonds are appreciated by many because they have a high nutritional profile, a great flavor and are easy to incorporate into many recipes. Raw almonds are high in potassium and sodium, which help maintain acceptable blood pressure. The flavor of an almond is as distinctive as its unique oval shape and characteristic whitish color.

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